Utility Trailer Uses

Open large or small utility trailers are one of the most utilized landscaping trailers in the industry, the demand for these trailers is quite unique and widespread. Often referred to as open trailers, landscape trailers show great versatility and can be used for both commercial and recreational purposes. These types of trailers are open air without any walls or ceilings. Most have a low railing or solid sides which help in containing your cargo. Whether you’re hauling sheets of plywood, a four-wheeler, lawn-mowing equipment or moving your kid to college, it’ll do it all!

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Landscape Utility Trailers are commonly used for:

  • Landscaping Equipment Hauling
  • ATV & Motorcycle Hauling
  • Snow Mobile & Jet-Ski Hauling
  • Tractor & Small Vehicle Hauling
  • Hauling Tools, Toolboxes & Outdoor Equipment

Landscape trailers & cargo utility trailers may also be customized to your specific needs. Various modifications to landscape & utility trailers include:

  • Low or high side walls for securing and mounting equipment
  • Mesh side walls for securing equipment without affecting fuel efficiency
  • Solid sidewalls for hauling soil, gravel, or small parts
  • Swing doors and dump beds are common additions

At AJ’s Truck & Trailer Center, we offer a wide variety of pre-built and custom made open utility trailers for sale at a variety of sizes. We stock Diamond C, Carry-On, Car Mate, Look Trailers, and more! You’ll find anything from a 4×8 utility trailer to a medium size 6×10, all the way to a heavy-duty 7×14 utility trailer.

Customizing your landscaping utility trailer with trailer organization accessories, custom paint, mag wheels, tool boxes and more is easy. Some customizations come straight from the factory like custom paints. Others like, aluminum wheels, tools boxes, and organization supplies are stocked right at the shop and can be installed before you head out with your new trailer. Many have slats or d-rings to secure your landscape equipment, ATV’s, motorcycles and other gear. Most come equipped with a ramp for easy loading.

One thing you should pay attention to when purchasing a small utility trailer or any size for that matter is the quality. You do get what you pay for and that holds true with landscaping trailers as well. Make sure the trailer you choose is of high quality since you will most likely own it for years or even decades. Things to check our are the strength of the frame, LED vs. incandescent lights, type of flooring, type of jack and more. The quality will also be tested as you will most likely overload it once, or lend it to a friend or family member. You’re investing your hard earned cash on a trailer and we want to make sure you get the quality product you deserve.

AJ’s Truck & Trailer Center is located in Harrisbug, PA and is a quick and easy drive from surrounding states NY, VA, NJ, WV, CT, OH, VT, MA, NH and more. Can’t come to our Central PA location? We can deliver your new trailer right to your door.

Got something large and heavy to haul? Check out our Tandem-Axle Utility Trailers or our Equipment Trailers.

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