Trailer Delivery

AJ’s offers trailer shipping and delivery right to your home or business!

There’s no need to spend time and gas driving to Harrisburg, we can deliver your new trailer for you. At AJ’s, we like to make it easy.

Trailer Delivery By AJ's Truck & Trailer

AJ’s will happily deliver your trailer to your home or business. Our delivery charge is $4.00 per mile from our location to yours. To get an estimate on your trailer delivery cost, contact us.

Depending on your distance from us, we can also ship your trailer to you. Our freight companies are standing by to get your trailer to you quickly, anywhere within the continental United States. Whether you live in Connecticut or California, with our great prices, you owe it to yourself to get a shipping quote. After all, you’re likely to find that you’re still saving loads of money! Call us today for a quote!

Delivery Fee Estimate

Our trailer delivery fee is based on the mileage ONE WAY from our address to yours.

Delivery fees are subject to change depending on route traveled, number or type of trailer, or other unforeseen circumstances. Please call us at 844-673-7668 to confirm your delivery fee.

*This information is provided as an estimate only. For questions, or to confirm fees, please call.

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Trailer Pick-Up

Pick up your new trailer at our facility in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. AJ’s is conveniently located off Interstate 81 and easily accessible from our surrounding states, such as Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We do not charge tax, nor do we handle registration for out of state residents. We can supply a transit tag if needed. Contact us for the current price of a transit tag.

For PA Residents, AJ’s is a one-stop shop saving you a trip down to PennDOT to register your new trailer. We handle taxes and in state registration for PA residents.

Traveling for your trailer? Trailer Pick-Up TIP: Give us a call before you head out the door to confirm that we have the trailer in-stock in the color you want. We can then pull that trailer so it’s ready for your viewing. If you are certain of the type of trailer you want, we can start the paperwork and have it prepped so there’s even less wait time. All we need is a $100 refundable deposit and your contact information, and we can get the details started. You can choose accessories to be installed ahead of time too. Need financing? No problem! You can apply right on the spot or online before you make the trip.

What are our customers saying

“I have a small Contracting Business. We also do clean-out for Realtors. I had been looking around for a dump trailer to replace the very old one that I have been using. I had narrowed it down to a 6 X10 from AJ’s but was waiting for a free day to drive out and look at it (I am about 2 hours away). Then the axle went on my old trailer and I had a clean-out scheduled for that same day. I called AJ’s to see if there was any way they could deliver a trailer to me the same day. They had it to me by lunchtime! The delivery fee was a bargain considering the gas, tolls, and time it would have taken for me to go out and get it. You really saved the day, I would definitely recommend you and use you for my next trailer.”

Bud Silcox