Trailer Fabrication

Our custom welding & fabrication services go way beyond just trailers. Backed by years of experience and training, our certified welders are ready to help you make your trailer or vehicle meet your specific needs. From minor repairs to major modifications, you can count on our skilled team to get the job done right!

Our custom welding & fabrication services are available on any new trailer, as well as for your existing trailer. And as we mentioned before, we’re not limited to trailers. We regularly work on trucks, RV’s, cars and more. AJ’s expert service technicians can fabricate anything from extra support for trailer ramps, welding on a new jack, or even repairing a bracket on a plow.  Whatever it is that you need done, we will do.  Our services include (but are certainly not limited to). . .

Custom Welding & Fabrication on Trailers

Custom Welding on Jacks

Trailer jacks can come with all sorts of different style mounts that are specific to the manufacturer.  However, it’s easy to switch out or upgrade a jack with a little welding and fabrication. New and/or different mounts for the trailer jacks can be easily created with a little fabrication.

Custom Welding on Couplers

Over time, A-frame couplers on trailers can wear out and need to be replaced.  Couplers are welded on when the trailer is built, therefore need to be cut off to replace it with a new coupler.  We will easily cut it off, clean it up and weld a new coupler back on.


Sometimes trailer ramps need repairing as well. In addition to repairing existing ramps, we can fabricate a completely new ramp if you prefer a different style than the one you have.  We can beef up existing ramps to give it extra support in turn, giving you peace of mind when loading your equipment.  We can modify existing ramps making them longer, shorter, whatever you need.

Welding & Fabrication on Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

Repair Welding on Snow Plows or Salt Spreaders

There are rare occasions when a salt spreader bracket or plow bracket breaks and we need to repair it.  If a new piece or new mount needs to be made, we certainly can fabricate one.  While we can repair your broken bracket, we will not create a plow bracket when one does not exist for a truck.  That is not a route we recommend taking.

There are occasions where custom fabrication is needed to make a snow plow fit onto a vehicle.  We did extensive custom fabrication to make this Fisher Snow Plow fit onto this work van.  AJ’s can put a plow on just about anything.

Welding & Fabrication on Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

Welding & Fabrication on Snow Plows & Salt Spreaders

Best Custom Fabrication Story of AJ’s Shop!

A customer traveled to Harrisburg from out west, think Wyoming or somewhere nearby, to pick up a used 5th wheel trailer.  Now, he was not buying the used trailer from us, but that’s okay.  He drove out his custom flatbed truck to tow the trailer back.  There was a miscalculation and his truck was too long to tow the 5th wheel trailer back.  That’s when he came to AJ’s to save the day! We actually chopped an 18” section off the flatbed of his truck and reattached the bumper and end of the truck.  You couldn’t even tell that we cut a section of his truck out!  It was pretty dang cool.

Give us a call to discuss your custom welding needs. We’ll be happy to help!