Aluminum Trailers vs Steel Trailers

While you need to consider what you will use your trailer for, there are things like weight, strength, corrosion-resistance, carbon footprint and cost that all play roles in deciding which type of aluminum trailer would be best for you.

Aluminum trailers weigh less than steel which could ultimately affect the amount of the load that you are capable of carrying. Also, pulling a lighter trailer is more fuel efficient. Steel is known to be strong and durable however modern aluminum is tougher than you think. It may not match steel’s strength but can certainly hold it’s own. Rust and corrosion won’t be an issue with aluminum trailers either. While the initial cost of an aluminum trailer may be more expensive, in the long run, you will find that the cost will be pretty equal to a steel trailer after the maintenance and upkeep is factored in.

After looking at these factors, and many more, it starts to become clear that when it comes to trailers, aluminum is a viable option. Of course, it depends on your situation. Please call, contact us or stop into our Harrisburg, PA dealership to share your unique trailer needs with us. Regardless if the outcome is an aluminum or steel trailer, our experts can help you determine which works best for your needs.

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