Trailers for hauling trash

Rather than hauling your trash to the dump in the back of your truck or SUV, get a trailer from AJ’s Truck & Trailer Center and save your personal vehicles from the slime and stench of your garbage. Our utility and landscape trailers are inexpensive and available in a wide array of sizes. Our aluminum trailers have removable side options for when your trash really starts to pile up. If you’re really experiencing some heavy-duty trash loads, our dump trailers and dump trailer inserts are perfect for disposing of large quantities of waste. So what are the best trailers for hauling trash or junk?

Using Landscape & Utility Trailers to Haul Garbage

If you find yourself throwing several garbage bags full of trash in the trunk of your SUV each week, save your upholstery and buy a utility trailer from AJ’s. Our utility trailers come in a variety of sizes; the smallest range from 4’ x 6’ to 5’ x 8’. These single-axle trailers are great for hauling trash because they’re not overly large and they’re open. That means no contained smell, and you won’t have to worry about your trash sliding all over the place.

Aluminum Trailers for Trash Hauling

If you want a trailer with higher sides for additional security or larger quantities of trash, our aluminum trailers would be a great choice. Our 63” x 10’ aluminum utility trailer comes with a removable side kit. Simply throw your garbage bags in the trailer and head to the dump. You won’t have to worry about junk falling off or sliding around. This size trailer also is great for towing behind small SUVs. Ask about all of our aluminum trailer sizes!

Dump Trailers for Hauling Junk

If you’re moving into a new home or remodeling your old one, or if you simply find yourself with a lot of junk, AJ’s dump trailers are perfect for transporting and disposing of your home or business’s trash. Our various dump trailer sizes are perfect for hauling behind your pickup truck, and they make it quick and easy to dispose of your garbage once you reach the dump site. Our dump beds come equipped with a hoist scissor lift with power up and power down capabilities to make disposing of your trash easy and relatively hands-free.

However, if you don’t feel like investing in a dump trailer, AJ’s also supplies dump trailer inserts for the bed of your truck. With power up and power down functions, our dump trailer inserts can carry payloads up to 6,000 pounds. We’ll even install your insert for you at our shop, located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.