Trailers for hauling heavy equipment

Hauling heavy equipment isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Many trailers just aren’t big enough and can’t handle the weight of heavy duty equipment. Whether you work in construction or landscaping, hauling heavy equipment is an everyday practice for your business and finding a trailer to haul your heavy equipment is very important. From cars and trucks to backhoes and bulldozers, your trailer should be ready to handle whatever you need to haul.

Towing Heavy Equipment

Narrowing down the best heavy equipment trailers for your situation(s) really depends on what kinds of equipment you are hauling. Obviously, heavy equipment ranges in weight and you need to consider the different items that you will put on your trailer. Some of our trailers can haul up to 24,000 pounds. However, others may not be able to handle that much weight. Calculating the amount of weight that you will be driving up onto your trailer is important and will influence what kind of trailer is best for you.

For example, if you only need to carry a 2-3 ton car or truck, you might consider one of our car trailers. These trailers’ maximum capacity is around 4 tons. You wouldn’t want to carry a large bulldozer on one of these, though, for fear of damaging your trailer. Take a look at our open car trailers if you ever need to haul your vehicle. However, it isn’t recommended that you carry anything larger than 4 tons.

If you are looking to do some heavy duty hauling, browse over our list of Gooseneck trailers for the maximum heavy duty trailers. They support the heaviest loads and will certainly do the job with 24,000 pounds of hauling capacity. These trailers can definitely haul your largest items and then some. As long as you have the equipment to tow a trailer this large, this would be your best solution for hauling heavy equipment.

If you need something larger than a car trailer but smaller than the Gooseneck trailer, consider looking into a regular equipment trailer. An equipment trailer will be good for loads around 10,000 pounds. This is just right for skid steers or combinations of different heavy equipment that won’t fit on a smaller trailer.

Additional Features

Many of the trailers used to haul heavy equipment from AJ’s include additional features that you may not have considered in advance. AJ’s equipment trailers include heavy duty ladder ramps so you can be sure they will endure the heaviest of vehicles when loading up your trailer. Various trailers may also have a lockable toolbox. This is extremely useful for any straps, chains, or tools you may need when you load up your trailer.

Whether you are hauling equipment to the construction site or you are delivering new equipment, be sure you have a heavy equipment trailer with the proper payload capacity. If you aren’t sure, AJ’s always has one available for you! Check out our total inventory of trailers to haul heavy equipment today!