Trailers for Hauling Firewood

Looking for trailers for hauling firewood but not sure how to select the best one for you? Here are some tips to help guide you in your decision.

Many people use firewood for heating their homes in winter or maybe just for roasting marshmallows at a summer campfire. However, transporting firewood isn’t exactly the most convenient thing to do. There are many different ways to haul firewood. Some people prefer to use a pickup truck, and others use a trailer for hauling firewood. For those who don’t have a pickup truck or would rather not beat up their vehicle, a trailer is the best bet for getting your firewood from Point A to Point B.

Using a Trailer for Hauling Firewood

The problem with hauling your firewood is that it is heavy. Depending on the type of wood and whether it is dry or not, your firewood can weigh from about 2,100 pounds up to around 5,600 pounds per cord. No ordinary pickup is going to be able to safely carry a large load of firewood, even if you manage to fit it in the bed of the truck.

Not all trailers are made for carrying heavy loads such as cords of firewood, though. Make sure your trailer’s carrying capacity will support the weight of your firewood. Otherwise, you may easily bend your trailer frame or even the axle. This would endanger anyone on the road with you, especially if you are towing a heavy load.

If you want to haul a cord of wood at a time, the higher the load capacity the better. For hauling smaller loads of wood, a single-axle utility trailer would be fine. Single axles usually can haul around 2,000 pounds depending on the trailer. For larger loads, it’s best to use a tandem-axle trailer, which could be a utility trailer, an equipment trailer or a dump trailer. We recommend utility trailers with high mesh sides, low mesh sides or solid sides to help hold the wood in the trailer. Dump trailers have solid sides as well. For the safety of those around you, make sure you secure your wood down with ties and do not stack it too high.

Best Type of Trailer for Hauling Firewood

The best trailer for hauling firewood would be some kind of dump trailer. A dump trailer will allow you to throw a lot of firewood in it without having to worry about bending the frame of the trailer. You won’t even have to worry about getting the firewood out again. Power up-and-down dump trailers can easily drop your load of firewood exactly where you want it. You won’ t have to pick up a single log. The double axle also allows you a smoother ride on the road and lightens the weight bearing on each axle.

You don’t have to worry about weight capacity when you have one of our dump trailers with hauling capacities above 5,000 pounds. These dump trailers allow you to carry as much wood as you can fit into them. This will also allow you to carry heavier and wet wood more easily. That is, as long as your vehicle can tow it.

For your convenience, some of AJ’s dump trailers include additional accessories. One helpful addition to your dump trailer may be a slide out ramp for hauling your wood splitter after the job is done. Another could be the tarp kit for covering your load on rainy days or if your load of wood needs to sit for an extended period of time.

If a smaller trailer is needed or preferred, take a glance at some other Utility/Landscape Trailers. They won’t be able to haul as much as a dump trailer nor are they as convenient, but they will do the job for smaller loads and less firewood.

Suggested Trailers for Hauling Firewood

For Small Loads 

Check out our landscape utility trailers inventory.

For Larger Loads

Check out our dump trailers inventory.