Cargo Trailer Body Repair

Posted By: Jennifer Downie
Post Date: 02/11/2020

Cargo trailers don’t come cheap.  If you own one, you are well aware of this fact.  Some of you rely on these trailers for your jobs daily.  So what happens when your trailer is involved in an accident?  Or Mother Nature decides to drop a tree on it?  You can’t afford to be without your trailer for long, and a new one isn’t always in the budget.  If the damage isn’t too bad, it CAN be repaired.  Not every trailer retailer will repair a trailer, but if you look, you can find one.  We have repaired plenty of cargo trailers that have had leaks from wear and tear, accident damage or storm damage.

damaged cargo trailer

New aluminum skin panels can be ordered from either the trailer manufacturer, or your local metal retailer.  You have to check the framing, and replace any damaged studs or cross members.  New diamond plate, polished aluminum trim, nose cones, and other small parts might need to be replaced also.  When you break it down, step by step, it may seem a little over whelming.  It really isn’t.  With a shop you can trust, who is familiar with this sort of situation, you have all your bases covered.

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having your enclosed cargo or car hauler trailer damaged, don’t fret, weigh out all your options, and move forward from there. Contact your local trailer repair shop for an estimate on repairs. After the estimate, you can determine if it's worth it to repair the trailer or just buy a new one.  Just know in the back of your mind, that it is possible to repair cargo trailers.  An accident doesn’t always mean you need a new trailer.

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