Pro Wing Plow Extensions

Do you ever start plowing and realize that your plow just isn’t wide enough?  Fret not, there are options out there.  Of course you can always head out to your local plow dealer and buy a bigger one, but that isn’t always a realistic option.  You already have a great plow that is reliable, so what can you do?  Buyers Products offers Pro Wing plow extensions.  They give you an additional 20″ of plowing width to your plow.

The Pro Wings can easily be added to your plow.  All you need is a drill bit and a hole saw.  No welding or custom fabrication needed.  Instructions are included for a do it yourself install.

First you need to line up the wings on your plow.  Doesn’t matter if it is a Meyer, Boss, Curtis, Western, or Fisher.  They work on any plow.  Below you will see the installation process on a Fisher 7.5 blade.

Drill your mark with a hole saw

Once all the holes are drilled, simply bolt together, and you have 20 more inches of plow in about 2 hours.

Now this truck is ready to plow larger lots, and as you can see, the blade is now wider than the truck.  Problem solved!

Pro Wings are a quick, easy, and economical solution to making your plow wider.

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