What do i need to tow a trailer?

To tow your trailer, you’re going to need more than just the trailer.

Furthermore, many of the accessories that you’ll need for hauling your cargo are going to be dependent on how much weight you plan on carrying in the trailer. To safely tow your trailer, you will need the following items. . .

A Vehicle That Can Support The Trailer’s Weight

This may seem pretty obvious, but it can’t be stated enough that you must have a vehicle that is capable of pulling the trailer you are hauling. No car is going to be able to haul a large utility trailer, just like no SUV is going to be able to haul a gooseneck trailer. Consider the size and carrying capacity of your trailer, and choose a vehicle to tow it accordingly.

SUVs are capable of hauling most large utility or large enclosed cargo trailers, but they simply don’t have the right features to haul a gooseneck. Cars can only haul relatively small trailers, so if you plan on hauling more than a small utility or motorcycle trailer, don’t use your car. On the other hand, trucks can haul just about anything. From hauling goosenecks to large equipment trailers, trucks have proven to be the best at towing just about every kind of trailer there is.

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The Right Class Hitch

Having the right class hitch for your trailer is also an important consideration. Hitches determine how much weight your vehicle can tow, and are also dependent on the kind of vehicle you are using. Class I hitches are the weakest and are intended only for light towing. On the other end of the spectrum, class V hitches are extremely heavy duty and can tow loads greater than 10,000 pounds.

The Right Tires

Having the right tires is a must for safely towing any trailer. Depending on the load range of your trailer tires, you will be able to pull a limited amount of weight. You can find the load range of your trailer’s tires on the outside of the tires themselves.

Most trailers use either C or D range tires. C load range tires allow you to tow roughly 1,700 pounds per tire. D range tires allow you to tow about 2,000 pounds per tire. However, carrying capacities for your tires will vary depending on combined load range and diameter of the tries.

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Tie Downs and Locks

Tie downs and locks can also be important for towing your cargo, but they generally aren’t necessary for simply towing an empty trailer. That being said, assuming you’ll be transporting some kind of cargo in your trailer, you may want to invest in some of these trailer accessories. Tie downs will keep your belongings securely in place, whether they are transported on an open or enclosed trailer, while AJ’s trailer locks will keep your possessions safe and sound inside any enclosed trailer. Browse through our entire selection of trailer accessories today!