What are the best tires for trailers?

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The kind of tires you should be using on your trailer depends on what kind of trailer you have. You’ll notice that, at AJ’s Truck & Trailer Center, we mostly sells tires in the C and D load ranges. That’s because the load ranges of these tires are the most reliable for a wide variety of trailers. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the different trailer tire load ranges.

Note: Load ranges can vary depending on the size of the tire. Ask a professional at AJ’s if you are unsure of the load capacity and necessary air pressure for your trailer’s tires.

B Load Range Tires

It is very unlikely that you will ever use a B load range tire to haul your trailer. This load range supports the least amount of weight and these tires hold the least amount of air. B range tires can support a load capacity of about 990 pounds per tire with a tire pressure of 35 psi. The load capacity could vary with the diameter of the tire, but a general rule of thumb is to not use B load range tires for hauling your trailer.

C Load Range Tires

C load range tires are suitable for many types of trailers. With a tire pressure of 50 psi, a C range tire with a diameter of 14” can support a load of about 1,700 pounds per tire. Again, the load capacity of the tire may vary with the tire’s diameter in that if the diameter is smaller, the load capacity will be smaller also.

C range tires are generally a safe bet for smaller and medium-sized trailers, but if you suspect that your load capacity will exceed what your C range tires can safely support, you may want to consider D range tires.

D Load Range Tires

This load range can hold between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds of trailer weight per tire with the tires’ pressure being 65 psi. For a tire with a 14” diameter, you don’t want to have a load capacity much heavier than 2,000 pounds per tire. D range tires are a bit more heavy duty than C range tires and are more suitable for larger open trailers or enclosed cargo trailers.

E Load Range Tires

E range tires are made for hauling heavy-duty trailers like equipment trailers and dump trailers. With a tire pressure of 80 psi, E range tires can support a load capacity of between 2,900 and 3,400 pounds per tire. For your basic family camping or general trailer hauling needs, however, this load range is likely too heavy duty for your trailer.

C and D load range tires are the most used when it comes to medium to larger-size trailers, but if you’re hauling a heavy-duty trailer, load range E tires are probably what you need.

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The load range of your current trailer tires can be found right on the tires’ sides, and will likely say either C or D. If you have any questions about your trailer’s tires, contact AJ’s today to get expert advice on the best tires for your trailer. Or visit our dealership to browse through our entire tire selection.