Trailers for Hauling Tractors

It can seem like it takes years to drive your tractor from one field to the next. It can be dangerous, too, when drivers speed around you in the middle of the road. That’s why many farmers are using an alternative solution to get their tractors from the field to the farm and back again: they’re towing their tractors there. So what’s the best way of transporting a tractor on a trailer?

Towing Tractors With Equipment Trailers

If you regularly need to haul your tractor from one of your fields to another, or maybe even to the field of a neighboring farm, AJ’s equipment trailers are perfect for safely and efficiently hauling your load. We have 7’ x 20’ Skid Steer Quality Trailers with load capacities of 11,000 pounds.

We also carry Diamond C equipment trailers, which we specifically recommend for hauling heavy equipment loads. Available in sizes as large as 102” x 20’ and 102” by 24’, our Diamond C equipment trailers have carrying capacities as high as 10,000 pounds.

If your tractor exceeds the carrying capacity of the previously mentioned equipment trailers, one of AJ’s gooseneck trailers may be more in line with your hauling needs.

Using Gooseneck Trailers To Haul Tractors

Gooseneck trailers are an especially convenient and safe option to consider when hauling tractors or other heavy machinery. AJ’s gooseneck trailers range from 28’ to 36’ long and can carry up to 24,000 pounds. They also come equipped with a toolbox between the jacks and built-in sway control welded to the frame under the trailer.

We can also provide you with tie-downs and straps capable of restraining nearly 46,000 pounds. These accessories will give you the extra assurance you need to ensure that your tractor is securely in place as you haul it down the road. View our Trailer Accessories page to learn more about the additional features we offer. We also encourage you to check our Used Trailers page regularly to see what inexpensive, gently-used gooseneck trailers may be available for purchase.

Hauling your tractor doesn’t have to be slow and dangerous. When you buy your trailer from AJ’s, you can be sure that you are purchasing the trailer that you need – no more, no less, and with the level of safety that you want.