Trailers for hauling scrap

Hauling scrap can be big business. Whether it’s from a demo or you’re transporting valuable metal to a scrapyard, having the right trailer setup is a must! So what are the best trailers for hauling scrap?

Hauling Scrap With Utility and Landscape Trailers

When hauling a small amount of scrap from point A to point B, AJ’s utility and landscape trailers will get the job done. These open trailers are available in a variety of sizes and have a load capacity of over 1,600 pounds. You can hitch these trailers right to the back of your truck or SUV and get that scrap out of there. Better yet, these trailers are available for lower prices than our other scrap-hauling trailers since they hold the least amount of scrap.

Dump Trailers

For those needing to haul a larger amount of scrap, though, our dump trailers will safely carry thousands of pounds of it. Available in spacious 82” x 12’ and 82” x 14’ sizes, our dump trailers are durable and convenient, guaranteed to hold up to 14,000 pounds of scrap and are complete with built-in lift systems. When you’re ready to deposit your scrap load, our trailers do the lifting for you. Many of our dump trailers also come with a tarp to cover your scrap and eliminate messy debris in your wake.

If you don’t want to invest in a dump trailer, we also supply dump trailer inserts for the bed of your pickup truck. With power up and power down functions, our dump trailer inserts can carry payloads up to 6,000 pounds. We’ll even install your insert for you at our shop in PA.

We don’t recommend using these open trailers to haul your scrap long distances down the highway, but we do have some enclosed trailers to meet your long-distance scrap hauling needs.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers

When hauling large quantities of scrap great distances or down busy roads, an enclosed cargo trailer is your safest bet. With an enclosed trailer, you can be sure that your scrap is contained and not posing a threat to any vehicles behind you. At AJ’s we offer flat and round top enclosed trailers made out of either steel or aluminum. We carry single axle trailers, as well as tandem axle trailers, and our enclosed trailer sizes range from 4’ x 8’ to 8’ x 28’.

With so many options, you can be sure that you won’t have to buy a trailer bigger or smaller than your scraping needs dictate. You can even check out our Used Trailers page to see what inexpensive utility and landscaping, dump, and enclosed cargo trailers are available for purchase.