trailers for hauling motorcycles

If you have ever purchased a new or used motorcycle, you know that it is recommended you have the motorcycle hauled to your house before riding it. Finding a trailer for hauling your motorcycle may seem like a difficult task. Fortunately, it isn’t as daunting as it may sound and you will be able to transport your motorcycle to any location.

How Should You Haul Your Motorcycle?

There are a lot of different trailers specifically built to haul motorcycles. However, you can do it in just about any trailer as long as it is big enough. Use a trailer that has plenty of areas to attach straps or bungee cords, as this will be your way of securing your motorcycle.

AJ’s has many different trailers available for hauling your motorcycle. If you want to go with something small and easy to maneuver, try a smaller utility trailer. With a trailer like this, you can easily secure a motorcycle without having to worry while driving down the highway. If you prefer to keep the weather and the elements away from your motorcycle, take a look at an enclosed cargo trailer. This will keep your motorcycle dry and clean, as well as locked and secure if you plan on going on any long trips with your motorcycle.

If you need a trailer for hauling multiple motorcycles, larger trailers are available as well. Utility trailers with a longer deck and larger payload can certainly handle more than one bike. If you are headed to a motorcycle show with your prized bikes, you may want to consider an enclosed cargo trailer capable of transporting multiple motorcycles. Enclosed trailers provide easy storage if it starts to rain at the show and you can easily lock them up at night if you have to leave them.

Securing a Motorcycle to your Trailer

For anyone transporting a motorcycle, correctly securing it is your main concern. There are trailers made specifically for motorcycles, however, if you don’t have one you need to tie-down your motorcycle very well. Be sure you have plenty of straps to balance your bike on its wheels and you won’t have anything to worry about.

If you are still skeptical about hauling your motorcycle in a trailer, consider getting a motorcycle package for your trailer. This package includes two 10′ sections of E-track cargo management system, 6 adjustable tie-down rings and a removable wheel chock. A package like this allows you to securely attach your motorcycle to any trailer. This will fully ensure that you have your motorcycle strapped down tight and it won’t go anywhere.

Helpful Accessories for Hauling a Motorcycle

AJ’s offers additional accessories for their trailers that might assist you in hauling your motorcycle. Check out these accessories for more tie downs, trailer locks, and other helpful items. You never know when you will need an extra place to tie down your motorcycle, and you certainly don’t want someone stealing it simply by unhitching your trailer.