Find the Best Enclosed Cargo Trailers in Harrisburg, PA

At AJ’s Truck and Trailer, we offer a variety of solutions for all your hauling needs. Whether you are in the market for an enclosed motorcycle trailer or a car hauler, we have plenty of new and used units available, and we offer full customization services.

About Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers have a number of applications, from moving furniture to hauling livestock or vehicles. An enclosed trailer protects its contents from the weather, and it is generally sturdier than an open trailer. AJ’s Truck and Trailer carries products from a wide variety of leading manufacturers, including Car Mate, Carry-On and Worthington.

Enclosed Trailer Options

One consideration when choosing an enclosed cargo trailer is the choice between a flat or round top. A round top cargo trailer is somewhat more expensive, but it offers better protection against rain and snow damage. For PA residents planning to use their trailer throughout the winter, spending the extra money for a round top may be a wise idea.

Another important consideration is the trailer’s construction material. Steel enclosed trailers are less expensive than aluminum, but are heavier and require more maintenance to prevent rust and corrosion. Ultimately the choice depends on your budget and on how you plan on using your trailer.

Enclosed Trailer Maintenance

There are a number of things to look for when maintaining your enclosed cargo trailer. Common maintenance items often include: wheels and tires, door latches, ramp, air vents, dents, paint chips and other body wear.

At AJ’s Truck and Trailer, we offer regular and end-of-season maintenance packages that can prevent costly breakdowns and add years to your trailer’s life.
US-made Solutions for Your Towing Needs

When you buy an enclosed utility trailer at AJ’s Truck and Trailer, you are supporting not only a local Harrisburg business, but also leading national manufacturers who proudly build their products in the USA.