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Landscape Trailers

Landscape trailers are trailers that are specifically designed people who need to haul various things such as tool boxes, leaf blowers, rakes, weed eaters and more.  They are also used to transport landscaping items such as rocks, mulch, tile, cement stones, bushes and small trees for planting.  

Landscaping trailers are also referred to as utility trailers.  Most are open with side rails and a fold up ramp allowing for easily loading and loading.

Carry On Landscape Trailer

One of our best selling landscape trailers is the 5 x 10 carry on landscape trailer.  This trailer is black and weighs about 650 lbs.  Its load capacity is approximately 1,350 lbs and it has a single axle.  It has a pressure treated plank deck; a 4’ mesh gate and a 1 7/8” coupler.  This landscape trailer is made by Carry On Trailers.

Landscape Trailer Accessories

Since a landscaping trailer can be used for so many things, our customers are alway looking for different accessories that can be used in their utility trailer. We carry a variety of lanscaping trailer accessories including:

If you have any questions about landscape trailers, please call us at 1-877-381-1666 and we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right landscaping trailer for you.


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